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Julia fills us in on her work associated with the Summer '24 exhibition, "Luster".

What initially brought you to art?

My mom is an artist- my house was filled with art supples and books. Apprenticing at the Fabric Workshop and Museum solidified my dedication to an art practice. 

What imagery has historically influenced you and why?

My Mom was a textile designer- I grew up with lots of textile books, so pattern and design has been influential.  When I started painting I was heavily influenced by Sienese depictions of architecture- particularly fascinated by the use of perspective at this time in history. 


How has your process evolved in the last 5 to 10 years?

I studied sculpture, then transitioned to painting after school. 5 years ago I began converging painting and sculpture to create mixed media works. 

What or who has had the most influence on your work?

I approach a gallery show similarly to the way a fashion designer approaches a new collection. The work has ties to past works, but can be dramatically different in form, color, references, and motivations.  The works in the gallery were inspired by an exploration of landscape painting and how to apply my visual language to the historic practice.    

What has surprised you about your art practice?

I’m always surprised by the differences between the final piece and my initial vision.

**Photo Credit: Aaron Richter


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