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James Oliver gallery is pleased to present Untamed, a solo exhibition featuring the work of artist Wendee Yudis. On view through Saturday, March 16th.

Wendee Yudis’ art in Untamed is a bold exploration of societal norms and the complex issues surrounding a woman’s role throughout history. Using a pop art aesthetic, infused with humor and a vibrant color scheme, Yudis tackles themes such as unconscious gender bias, gender and sexuality, objectification of women, and body image. What sets her work apart is the way she ingeniously turns traditional feminist narratives on their head, offering a fresh and sometimes amusing perspective on these topics.

Formally trained as a printmaker and painter, Yudis also draws from her extensive career as an art director and designer, playing with fonts and skillfully incorporating text as additional layers to her graphic compositions. This aspect of her work adds depth and complexity to the visual narrative, creating a multi-faceted experience for the viewers.

Expect to be engaged and challenged as you navigate through Untamed, where Yudis’ art not only serves as a commentary on societal expectations but also celebrates the power of women to question and reshape these norms.

James Oliver Gallery is thrilled to be a participant in (re)FOCUS: Philadelphia Focuses on Women in the Visual Arts. ⁠

(re)FOCUS celebrates the 50th anniversary of Philadelphia Focuses on Women in the Visual Arts, a citywide festival recognizing women artists that took place in 1974.⁠

Untamed is part of #refocus2024

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