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Focusing on each artist's interpretations of their own complex environments and confrontations, Trajectories showcased two artist’s very different approach and medium in processing and translating what’s at hand, but also their similarity in infusing elements, both borrowed and personal, to create their visual narratives.

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Lisa S. Roberts is a designer, author, visual artist, and everything under the umbrella of art and design. Originally trained a an architect, she found a greater passion for graphic and product design. Over three decades, she designed in the gift and home furnishing markets for more than 50 diverse manufacturers. She also created meticulous cut paper collages of architecture and interiors that were reproduced onto notecards and branded products for museum stores and hotels. Now Lisa allows her love of color and working in cut paper to guide her into creating what she desires, without the constraints of product and architecture.

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Pictured: Lisa S. Roberts, Home Fires Burning, Cut paper, 10 x 14”

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Pictured: Lisa S. Roberts, Early Summer, Cut paper, 18 x 24”

Matthew Borgen, most notably known for his prints reminiscent of the imagery found in mid-twentieth century comic books — but with his own spin on their narratives — has been a big moving force in the local and national art scene. The combinations and manipulations of the themes/compositions he borrows from western art historical canon result in new, sometimes satiric, narratives that critique the original sources’ problematic ideals of Western culture. His use of imagery is intended as a confrontation of these shortcomings and mines new value to contribute to the broader re-examination of long-held social ideas.


Pictured: Matthew Borgen, A Dream to Kiss On, Inkjet print on archival paper, 20.5 x 13.5”


Pictured: Matthew Borgen, The Gardener, Inkjet print on archival paper, 48 x 32”

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