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James Oliver Gallery in Philadelphia is pleased to present “Ice Cold”, featuring renowned freight writer, MECRO. Also known as Glossblack, MECRO is a Philadelphia-based artist who has solidified himself as an internationally recognized practitioner of graffiti and typography. The ‘Upside Down R’ has been his stamp on freight trains for many years and is now the artist’s trademark. He continues to test the boundaries of bold, effect-driven lettering and although each piece is much different from the next, they are instantly recognizable as his own. Ice Cold will be on view from April 8, through May 27 of 2023.


As the temperatures thaw and “wooder ice” season falls upon us,

Ice Cold offers a graphic nostalgia to summon a most spirited spring.

In transcribing a history of freight painting into rich, iconographic

compilations, MECRO fabricates a youthful projection of classic

favorites with his delightfully considered application.


Today, MECRO’s works are predominantly focused in aerosol and

oil paint. He continues to test the boundaries of bold typographic art

and always includes dynamic lettering, bold colors, layering

techniques, as well as a dedication to cleanliness.

 While demand increases and commissioned work grows, MECRO is taking on larger commercial projects that allow him to bring his work into the mainstream, including campaigns with Gap, Budweiser, Justin Bieber, Meek Mill, Puma, Reebok, Comcast, Google, Citibank, 76ers, NFLPA, Redbull, Boost Mobile, and the list goes on. From massive neighborhood landmarks in Philadelphia to the fine detail of canvas letter studies, his portfolio is a reflection of his prolific graffiti career and his passion for typography.

In this Ice Cold display, MECRO’s collection of unique prints and exclusive works on panel serve a refreshing departure from the ordinary. On View from April 8th to May 27th. 

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