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James Oliver Gallery presents, HEAVY TRAFFIC, a duo exhibition inspired by street art, graffiti, and skateboard culture, featuring Philadelphia contemporary artists/designers Adam Crawford and Kyle Confehr! Indoor murals and a curated selection of their latest paintings were showcased in this dynamic exhibition. Adam's colorful and surrealistic imagery interacting with Kyle's monochrome and densely ornate pieces transforms JOG into a never-before-scene environment.

Adam Crawford is a Philadelphia based artist and designer, most notably known for his colorful and surrealistic murals. Mainly working in acrylic and spray paint, Crawford’s vivid and bold imagery can transition from small scale panel paintings to larger indoor and outdoor murals. References to street art, graffiti, and tattoos can be found in his work, but the integration of his own imaginative stylizations is what ultimately sets his paintings apart from the rest. A graduate of both the
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania, Crawford has shown his work both nationally and internationally in public and private spaces. Over the past three years, his focus has been on large scale public works that are scattered around Philadelphia and Chicago.


Adam Crawford, Painting 1 of 4, Acrylic and spray paint on panel
36 x 36"


Adam Crawford, Painting 3 of 4, Acrylic and spray paint on panel
36 x 36"

"My artwork has always been grounded in a genuine desire to contribute something fun, accessible, visually appealing, and above all unique. I enjoy using visual representations of technology paired with human or organic shapes. The contrast between these two ideas makes a comment about the landscape we as humans currently live in. It also achieves an interesting, refreshing, and often unexpected juxtaposition of ideas."

Kyle Confehr is an ambidextrous artist, designer and friend based out of Philadelphia. His work blurs the lines between art and graffiti by weaving nostalgia, humor, and personal experience into densely ornate pieces. Confehr draws stylistic inspiration from 80/90’s NYC graffiti and skateboard culture to translate the calculated expression of his self-conciousness. He creates work in the fastest and most effective way, utilizing methods he learned from graffiti writers to scale work from pen and paper to walls and larger installations. Predominantly working in black and white, Confehr's work can be seen around Philadelphia at the Philadelphia International Airport, Neighborhood Ramen, The Fillmore and HoneyGrow to name just a few. Confehr received an Associate Degree in Graphic Design from the Antonelli Institute in 2007.

"The pieces presented are meant to capture the same playfulness and fluxist nature of Confehr's work. That is, a sort of choose your own adventure experience as a viewer and now, participant."

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