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Buy Shaver is a multi-disciplinary, installation-based artist with a visual arts background that includes Eastern and Western painting, graphic design, illustration and exhibition design. Shaver primarily works site-specifically, often painting directly on walls to create both temporal and commissioned art. His work floats between both abstract compositions and text-based installations that appear simple and seemingly familiar, yet the content and context allow for multiple interpretations, allowing his work to be simultaneously direct yet oddly illusive.

“I create work that appears simple, accessible, and seemingly familiar yet the content and context allow for multiple interpretations. My work is predominantly installation based and draws upon and activates both the environment in which it is exhibited and the participation of the viewer. Art, for me, is not an end point but rather a pathway. And the pieces that I create mark its territory so that I can remember the way.”


BUY SHAVER, Paint With Fists, 55”x65”, Latex and Ink on Canvas, 2020

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