Ada Trillo is a documentary photographer based in Philadelphia, PA and Juarez, Mexico. Trillo’s work is concerned with human rights issues facing Latin American culture. She has documented forced prostitution in Juarez and the recent migrant caravan attempting to reach the U.S.. Ada Trillo grew up in Juarez, Mexico, at one time, called the most violent city in the world. Her photographs capture the cruelty and injustice of failed and inhumane immigration policies that continue to devastate migrants from Mexico and South and Central America. She often returns to the US/Mexican border driven by her desire to tell the stories of the otherwise forgotten. Trillo is commited to giving back to her subjects and proceeds from her recent work helped to build a shelter for women involved in the sex trade in Juarez, Mexico.

“In October 2018, I flew to Chiapas, Mexico, to begin my journey with a caravan of migrants headed for the United States, fleeing poverty, gang violence and crime in Central America. Over the course of several weeks, I traveled nearly 3,000 miles to the US border in Tijuana, documenting the caravan through photography and video. The caravan is more than a hotly debated political issue; it is primarily a humanitarian crisis affecting over 7,000 people - including nearly 3,000 children. The truth that I discovered was far different from the tweets of President Trump, which depict the caravan as an angry mob of gang members, terrorists, and rapists. Instead, I found compassionate and hard-working people banding together for a chance at a better life,”

The result is her current series entitled "Chasing Freedom: Portraits of the Migrant Caravan," which will be on display at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia (April 5-25, 2019).


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